“You reached a state of inner peace that most people only dream of. Becoming one with the universe allowed you to consider the universe. And you considered it flawed.”
— New Age Hippy
“The snakes, man, the snakes! They just kept hissing! Why didn’t anyone else hear them! But you showed them. You got out! There aren’t any snakes on the outside. Not as many at least.”
— Lunatic Fringe
“You worked out the math, studied the formulas. Something just didn’t add up. The universe was missing something. And now it’s missing you.”
— Inquisitive Genius
“You trained your mind and body into top condition. No pain no gain. You hit the limits of physical perfection in the Matrix…and went beyond that limit.”
— Fanatic Self-Improver
“You pursued the truth, even as your mind and body suffered. People felt sorry for you when you said the world wasn’t right. Now you feel sorry for them, stuck in their pods.”
— Devoted Ascetic
“You watched the passage of the stars and planets overhead. They came and went like the people in your life. Friends, parents, nothing ever affected you. Now you know why. Because none of it was real.”
— Detached Spectator